Sandgate Cast Stone
Sandgate Cast Stone Sandgate Cast Stone

These tiles are cast in a composite that uses natural stone. Each tile comes from an original hand carved design and will vary naturally from piece to piece.  They coordinate beautifully with tile or natural stone, and carry the Q-Seal Guarantee.    New Shapes & Colors!!

Q-Seal is guaranteed to be water and stain resistant for as long as you own your home. Ultra-fresh antimicrobial protection inhibits stain and odor-causing mold and mildew.  Worry-free cleaning, use any household cleaner.  Best of all, you don't have to reseal or buy special stone cleaners. Ask your salesperson for complete warranty details.

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All product images are representative only. Variation in color and shading is to be expected. Final selection should be made from actual tile samples.

noche fleur dot

sahara fleur dot

sand fleur dot

travertine fleur dot

noche nouveau dot

sahara nouveau dot

sand nouveau dot

travertine nouveau dot

noche soho pencil

sahara soho pencil

sand soho pencil

travertine soho pencil

noche braided rope listel

sahara braided rope listel

sand braided rope listel

travertine braided rope listel

noche soho listel

sahara soho listel

sand soho listel

travertine soho listel

noche soho liner

sahara soho liner

sand soho liner

travertine soho liner

noche cove liner

sahara cove liner

sand cove liner

travertine cove liner

noche braided rope liner

sahara braided rope liner

sand braided rope liner

travertine braided rope liner

noche traditional liner

sahara traditional liner

sand traditional liner

travertine traditional liner

noche cove ogee

sahara cove ogee

sand cove ogee

travertine cove ogee

noche braided rope ogee

sahara braided rope ogee

sand braided rope ogee

travertine braided rope ogee

noche traditional ogee

sahara traditional ogee

sand traditional ogee

travertine traditional ogee

noche nouveau border

sahara nouveau border

sand nouveau border

travertine nouveau border

noche acanthus border

sahara acanthus border

sand acanthus border

travertine acanthus border

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